Invokes a C/AL trigger on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server on the page that contains the control add-in.

Method Signature

void Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.InvokeExtensibilityMethod(name, arguments)


Parameter Description


Type: String

A string that contains the name of the C/AL trigger to invoke on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. This must be the name of the event specified in the .NET interface using the [ApplicationVisible] attribute that defines the control add-in.


Type: Array

An array that contains the arguments to pass to the C/AL trigger. Note that the arguments must be supplied in an array even when the trigger only takes one argument.


For a detailed code example, see Walkthrough: Creating and Using a Client Control Add-in

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var map = new VEMap('controlAddIn');
        map.onLoadMap = function () {
            var arguments = [map.GetCenter()];
            Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.InvokeExtensibilityMethod('MapLoaded', arguments);