Event tracing provides detailed information about what is occurring on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server when users work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This can help you identify and analyze problems or conditions that affect performance. Event tracing enables you to dynamically monitor Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server without having to restart the server or Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients. By using industry-standard tools for event tracing, you can start and stop event tracing sessions, and then view the trace event data from a stored log file.

You can use event tracing to track the following operations on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instances:

Event Trace Monitoring Tools

There are various industry-standard tools that you can use to collect event trace data. The procedures in this section use Windows Performance Monitor and PerfView to illustrate how you can collect event trace data. For details about how to use these tools and others, refer to the documentation available with the tool.

Getting Started

Task For more information, see

Review the list of trace events that are available for monitoring Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instances.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Trace Events

Collect event trace data. Use the event trace monitoring tool to start an event trace session. Collected data is stored in an event trace log (.etl) file.

How to: Use Performance Monitor to Collect Even Trace Data

How to: Use PerfView to Collect Event Trace Data

View event trace data. Use the event trace monitoring tool to view the contents of the .etl file.

How to: Use PerfView to View Event Trace Data

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