The Custom option is available on the Choose an installation option page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Setup.

Installed Components

The Custom option offers the full list of Microsoft Dynamics NAV components from which you can select individual components to install. In this way, it differs from the other installation options that are available on the Choose an installation option page, which are subsets of available components for a particular type of user or configuration. For more information, see How to: Choose Components to Install. You can use this list to design your own installation option.

Component Description Additional options


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment
  • Microsoft Office Excel Add-In

Administration Tool

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Administration tool

Not applicable


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server

  • Microsoft Office Outlook Integration
  • Page Testability

SQL Server Database Components

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Demo Database

Microsoft Office Outlook Add-in

Adds a toolbar to Microsoft Outlook to enable synchronization of contacts, appointments, and tasks.

Not applicable

Automated Data Capture System

Enables the tracking of movements within a warehouse.

Not applicable

Web Server Components

Enables web clients to connect to a web browser.

Not applicable

Help Server

Installs a website that hosts the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help content.

Not applicable

ClickOnce Installer Tools

Installs tools to facilitate with ClickOnce deployments.

Not applicable

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