You can use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Debugger to debug your application. When you activate the debugger, you start it. When the debugger is activated, it can be in one of the following states:

You can activate the debugger in the following ways:

You attach the debugger to a session by doing one of the following:

Selecting a specific session to debug is useful if you know exactly which session you want to debug or if you want to debug a session that is running in the background.

Selecting Debug Next is useful if you want to debug web services. A web service call exists as a session only for the duration of the web service call, which typically is not long enough for you to select the specific session on the Session List page. To debug a web service, we recommend that you set your breakpoint, select Debug Next, and then make the web service call.

If the session that you want to debug is connected to a different Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance than the one that is currently specified in the Options window, then you can change to a different instance, and then activate the debugger in the development environment. For more information, see How to: Change the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Instance.

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